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Being a DJ is about spinning a mixture of music, lighting, and timing to create ambience and the perfect environment for guests to enjoy their night out. With the DJ equipment and synthesizers from in your booth, you can drop beats with the best of them.

Our DJ mixers, controllers and other equipment can help you scratch, mix, loop and more with ease. Ditch the vinyl, now you can hook up electronic turn tables to your computer or MP3 player and mix your entire library. Many of our models are portable enough that you can always be ready to DJ at a moment’s notice. If you need your DJ equipment fast, we have a variety of expedited shipping options, so you can get the party started on time.

When the club or the party gets loud and rowdy, every DJ needs a reliable pair of headphones. You need to keep an ear for the musical cues, and make sure the levels are right to ensure a smooth, musical experience. Our DJ headphones block out ambient noise and keep your monitoring cues out of your microphones. Used with your own home computer, our drum machines, synthesizers, and other DJ equipment can even help you create original mixes, mash-ups, and tracks.

Now that you have your music all set up, it’s time to add a little light show. We carry a variety of DJ lighting and equipment, including laser lights, fog machines, mirrored disco balls, and more so you can set the mood. Our ribbons of LED lights are ideal for marking off dance floors, adding accent to the architecture of a venue, and decorating to your booth. Our strobes are ideal for when the beat picks up and you want to let the dancers get lost in a sensory experience.

When you need an extra oomph to get your next party, reception, or school dance bumping, check out the selection of DJ equipment at