Experience The Best All-in-One Turntables that Simplify the Vinyl


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Experience The Best All-in-One Turntables that Simplify the Vinyl The problem with listening to music on vinyl is that it’s not as easy as tapping a few buttons on a smartphone. That’s also part of why there’s such fervor around vinyl right now – we love playing records because it requires us to pay attention to and appreciate the process and, as a result, we’re likely to pay closer attention to the music itself. Still, for those looking to buy a turntable or build out a hi-fi system, getting into vinyl can be intimidating; it’s usually not as straightforward as just plugging a turntable into some speakers.

Most turntables require additional components, including a phono preamp (or phono stage), which amplifies the turntable’s normally weak signal into one that you can actually hear. (According to Audio Advice, a turntable’s signal “is about 1,000x lower than the signal coming from a CD player or a streaming device.”) There are turntables with built-in amplification, of course, and we tend to recommend those to people who want a simple solution.

It should be noted that when we say “all-in-one” turntables, we’re referring to turntables with built-in amplification. They need only to be paired with some speakers and speaker cables in order to listen to music. That said, there are “all-in-one” turntables that are decked out with a record player, preamp and Bluetooth receiver. Some even have speakers built right into them. But there are very few of these, many of which we probably wouldn’t recommend.