Snoop Dogg Calls Out Kanye West For Twitter Rant Against Drake 2018


Snoop Dogg Calls Out Kanye West For Twitter Rant Against Drake 2018 

Move over Taylor Swift, Kanye West ('Ye' to his mates, when they're not calling him 'Yeezy') has moved onto a new celebrity feud with Drake - and it's all heating up now as none other than Snoop Dog has gotten himself involved.

A whole heap of drama went down the other day between Drake and Kanye - the former asked if could sample one of the latter's songs, which seems quite a reasonable request but it really riled up Ye. He took to Twitted to blurt out loads of tweets, including screenshots of messages between the two... one saga later, it concluded with Drake threatening the older rapper. 

Now Snoop has returned to Instagram to give his opinion on the matter, and it seems he's Team Drake all the way.

"Is y'all getting tired of Kanye West and these tweets? 'Cause I am," Snoop said, while Drake's 'From Time' played in the background.

He continued: "I see why na, you and Donald Trump hang out. Na, y'all tweet like a motherfucker. I think that na need Dr. Phil or Maury ... You know what? That na need Jerry Springer."

And Snoop didn't stop there, either - he went on to criticise Ye for using social media to attack Drake and told him: "Get your a** off your phone [...] and go holla at that n***a in real life. Stop telling the whole fucking world what you're going through. We don't give a fuck!"

This, of course, isn't the first time Snoop has blasted Kanye. In the past he's called out the 'Jesus Walks' singer for a variety of reasons, from his change of name to 'Ye' to the whole fiasco around the inspiration for the character 'Kiki', in the lyrics to Drake's unavoidable hit 'In My Feelings' - it seems Snoop believes it's about Ye's wife Kim Kardashian-West.

The aforementioned 'In My Feelings' includes the line 'Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding?', which has led to many wondering exactly who he's singing about. and back in October Snoop seemed to have cracked the case.

He posted an Instagram video of himself saying: "I may be on the late freight but I just found out who Kiki was."

Addressing Kanye, he continued: "Kiki is your bitch. That's why you're so mad! 'Cause Drake put dick in your bitch. He did, huh? [...] I liked the song but I ain't know why I like it, now I really like it."